If I put a pickup in my guitar in the neck pickup position, would it sound the same if I played on it from the bridge pickup. So generally, does changing the order of pickups make them sound different? Or do they still sound the same, just in a different order?
They sound different. The neck pickup is more warm, and the bridge pickup is treblier.
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Ive wondered that if i put my neck pup in my bridge spot will it be any different than where it was before? i know bridge and neck pickups are different sounding pickups but does the placement matter?
There is less vibration towards the bridge, so a bridge pickup is usually hotter than a neck one.

If you put a neck pickup in the bridge, it will sound ridiculously weak, and if you put a bridge pickup in the neck it will sound muddy.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, as EMG 81's sound good (if EMG's are your thing...) in both positions, and Dimarzio PAF PRO's sound good in both positions.
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