I had no idea where to put this thread so I just stuck it here...if it's not the right place I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'm interested in a book regarding the repair and maintenance of electric/acoustic guitars. I'd like to be a GOOD one, theres quite a few out there and I hate buying stuff that sucks, so point me in the right direction if you would.
If you go to stewmac.com that have repair books. They have one by a guy named Dan Ew... that I hear is real good.
That looks pretty good. I'm going to keep an eye out for it locally. I really need to learn this stuff.
They have teh 3rd edition of that book comcing out in october 15. I have it preordered.
maybe Ill wait till Oct...where did u preorder it from josephhkim
Quote by josephhkim
I preordered it from amazon.com.

Thanks ...do u have a link to preorder it...I can not find it
there are a few borders coupons floating around for 20-25% off...they have the 2nd ed book in stock for $23...save about $5 with the coupon...I may check it out


I looked at this book last night and I think that I will see how the 3rd edition looks, wasnt that impressed with it
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