My ****in amp broke today!

It's a Randall RG50TC ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Randall-RG50TC-50W-1x12-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=481197 )
Today, I came home and no one was home so I decided I'd play my amp cranked, and I remembered that my new tubes weren't running as hot as the old ones (probably because these ones are bigger) so before I didnt anything, I took a screw driver, and turned the knob on the bias thing up a small notch. I guess maybe I pressed a little hard when screwing it, because it kinda bent, so I was like "meh" and moved t back to the original place with tweezers.

then I turned on the amp on standby, and I noted that NONE of the tubes in the back were glowing, so I turned stanby off, and still, the tubes remained un-active (both the 2 power amps, and the 4 pre amps)

what the heck could be the problem?!?!?! please, any help...
I hope you put the same tubes in that you took out. I don't think they should be bigger. Never mess with the bias unless you know what you are doing. I am assuming that you don't, if I'm wrong I apologize. Don't turn that amp back on! Take it to a tech and tell him/her what you did. I hope you just blew a fuse, but even if you replace the fuse it is extremely risky to turn it back on.
yeah, theyre EL34's.....I had some Electro harmonix ones, and these ones are Groove tubes, and they're a bit bigger. this isnt the first time I've used the amp since I've chnaged them, though, it worked fine and was sounding good

I even adjusted the bias pot a slight bit when I got them too, and it worked.
I just didnt think they were running as hot as they should be, so I thought I'd adjust it again before I play today.
(oh, and this isnt an amp where you need to ground it and empty the caps to bias, theres just a screw-knob above each power tube)

oh, and I dont think it's a fuse, I;ve blown fuses before, and when that happens NOTHING on the amp turns on or is active. right now, the only thing that wont turn on is all 6 tubes. the front panel switches and stuff still light up
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My apologies. You obviously know more about tube amps than I do. I wonder if a wire or connection broke behind the bias pot.
is that sarcasm.....I've never known more than someone on any subject.

but yeah, that's what I'm thinking....It bent the pot, now the tubes arent active....
I must fix this, I have a gig on the 27th!