Hey, nub question here, but I have never really seen another guitar with a knob like this on it. Is that the volume or something? Either way, it's a pretty ugly knob lol.
whoah....I dont know, how have I never seen that before???
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Dude, it also has 2 plugs...
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yeah thats a funky looking guitar... idk whats goin on there i hope someone can shed some light on this
well maybe it switches which of those 2 plugs are in use? i dont know, thats weird
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Dude, it also has 2 plugs...

Yeah, they're labeled 'neck' and 'bridge'. A plug for each Pup? That makes no sense to me. TS, do you know what model guitar that is?
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It looks like an actual volume. Like when your guitar is overdriven, the volume knob becomes the Gain knob, so mabey it is an actual Volume knob? I have no idea
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Its called a Varitone. To my knowledge they were first used on Gibson 355's. Its a selector switch that enables various tone settings. The two output jacks enable the guitar to run in true stereo, i.e. one pickup through one channel or amp and the other through the other. One of the output jacks probably acts as the "main" jack, so you can run the guitar in mono. The original 335's had one stereo output jack, but it is a pain because you have to buy a special guitar cord.
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Heh heh heh, that knob only goes to 6.

Mine goes to 11.
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It's to do with the pickups because look on the bottom where the input jack is, theres one for each pickup.
Well, I still don't know what this is for, but if you look down by the output jack, the plate is extended so there's some kind of alternate functionality going on there. Also the numbers on the knob only go to 6, so it's probably more like a rotary switch of some kind. The volume and tone kobs are still in tact.
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you plug it into your computer

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id guess theres a preamp, because of the multiple pickups, but thats just me.
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The guitar is an Epiphone B.B. king Lucille. The switch is called a vari-tone switch. the two outputs are a stereo and mono outputs

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anybody else notice the fine tuners on the bridge? or are they just string locks to hold the ball end in place?
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how about a piezo pickup? they require a separate output dont they? which you can then blend on an outboard mixer with the signal from the regular pickups.