Hey quick question to any1 who's listening!, Im gonna replace the bridge pickup on my epiphone les paul with a gibson 500t humbucker. While reading reviews on harmony I have read about 300k and 500k pots.. could some 1 tell me what the difference is? and also if I would need to change the pot's on my epiphone LP to use with the new pickup..

Thanks, chris
300k will bleed more treble frequencies to ground resulting in a warmer, slightly bassier tone. 500k does the opposite and allows more treble frequencies through giving you a brighter, slightly treblier tone

I'd go with 500k personally.

Edit: and no you wouldn't need to change the pots to use the new pickups unless there's something wrong with them.
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if you're really into vintage tone, 300K would suit you, but I dont think that's what you want

500K are fine
Ah cool!, thanks very much dude!... so now I guess I have to ask.. does anyone know what pot's come as standard in an -Epiphone Les Paul Standard-

woo. lol, chris