my g string on my epi V keeps going out of tune almost as soon as i start playing.... i am a complete guitar mech noob so any ideas what could be the problem? everything seems to be in working order and nothing looks loose or anything...
its either your string is dead(replace) or you need to stretch the string out(play on the string for a while until it stretches out)
are the strings new or old?
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Well, it could be that the string itself is slipping either at the nut or at the bridge. How new are your strings? New strings need time to stretch before they will hold a tuning. Old strings will sometimes wearout and start to slip as well. I recently had a string break at the ball end, but it didn't snap off until I went to tune it back up. Weird.

Anyway, just a few suggestions. Good luck with that.
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Are your strings new? Could be that they haven't been stretched out
the strings are pretty new, but the G isn't wound, so i didnt think it needed to be stretched that much..... how exactly does a string "die"?