so i was thinking about investing in a new amp, i currently use some **** squier 10 watt crap or something, just for a starter amp. and i've been just kinda teaching myself to play and ****ing around now for maybe 4 months, and I'm thinking about upgraading my amp and tone?

the guitar i use is ****, and soon, i'd like to invest in a fender strato or maybe tele, but for now, i've been told that i should go for an amp first?

people have been telling me to buy one of two amps, either some little 8 watt epiphone amp, with really good tone and all, for about 150 USD. but i've more recently been pushed towards buying a VOX amp, a 15 watter with supposedly real good features, and that one runs about 120 USD. the link to that amp is below:


so if anyone could help me out with making this decision, i'd greatly appreciate it.
thanks :]
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I think that would be a fine starter amp. People that are advising the Epi are doing so because tubes sound better, but you may not be at the stage to care yet. The Vox will sound decent for practice, the price is right, and you can use it for low volume practice even after you decide to upgrade. I would through the Peavey Backstage into the mix if you can try it. A little more "tubey" sounding.
that's really what i've heard.
but do you think it'd be okay as like, a first upgrade amp, from a super nooby crap beginner amp?
So the air's getting colder
and the news keeps us scared.

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^ a lot better than the squier
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10000000x better!

the vox would be perfect for you! Going in the right direction! Tho if you play heavy metal I would suggest you look at a Roland Cube!
bah even for metal i prefer the vox with the exception of the recto model. Then again neither of those are very good for the recto model.
No dont get that... Seriously my friend got that thinking it was gonna be awesome and it was the muddiest amp I have ever played.
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if you play primarilly metal and harder stuff, get the roland cube, if not, get the vox
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