Where is it set in stone that a band can never change from the tuning they usually use?!

As I Lay Dying's previous albums were all in Drop C. There are some songs on the new album that are so obviously not in Drop C, yet people cannot accept this fact. I mean I can go play Master of Puppets in Drop C, but how does chugging on the 4th fret bottom string make any sense whatsoever? It doesn't, yet that's the situation that so many stupid people are assuming when they rate tabs of AILD's new songs badly because they're not in Drop C.

"Within Destruction" is clearly in Eb Standard, yet people 1) submitted tabs of it in Drop C chugging on the 3rd fret bottom string (stupid), and 2) poorly rated tabs that were submitted in Eb Standard. There's also a few other songs in Drop D, such as "Forsaken". I submitted a tab of this song tabbed in Drop D, yet some fuckhead decided to rate it 1 star and leave a comment "drop c". Stupid cunt, holy shit.

Is there any way I can report this little bitch?
+1 to burrit0.

just ignore those people, they're obviously not enjoying the music, and caring more about the fact they cant play it.

why arent people allowed to just listen to music anymore instead of complaining that its too technical?