So I just got a volume pedal at a pawn shop. I thought it was just an enclosure I could mod into a volume pedal, but it was all set up!

Basically it's just a pot inside an enclosure, simplest pedal ever.
The problem I have is that when I rock all the way back, it's silent, but If I rock just a little bit forward like 5%, the volume goes up 75%, and then the next 95% of rocking is only a 25% increase in volume. I want to use this pedal for lap and pedal steel, so I need it to be smoother, so I can get the nice swells.

I know I need to replace the pot, but what value of pot should I put in? I don't know anything about what the pot values mean. Help me UG!
ICAR taper 100k? great for wahs at least.
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I think the existing pot might be a 250k A (volume) pot? If so, you just need to replace it with a new 250k A pot.
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I think you've got the wrong taper pot in there now- get a 250K or 500K pot, and it must be audio, or logarithmic, taper.
They've beat me too it, also the value of the pot might be stamped on the back of it which may help in your choosing. I have yet seen a pot with out the value stamped on the back, but i'm sure sooner or later i'll come across one.