Okay, right now I have a piece of **** tone wise Marshall MG30 amp. I hate it.

Anyway i was looking for a great blues tone like SRV or something that will get me close to it, but I also want a John Frusciante type tone or something close to it at the same time.

I was told the Fender Blues Junior is the right amp to get that Frusciante like tone but is it as Blusey as the name suggests?

Also I plan to begin to have small gigs this year at my school's gym so will it be loud enough? And I want this amp to last me atleast a year and a half maybe two years will it last?

So is the Fender Blues Junior the right amp for me? If not, what is? (Now don't go saying some exspenive ass amp, i'm only 13 running on allowences and odd jobs...)
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fender blues junior is great for blues and classic rock, should handle the chili's fine and will definitely get you a decent SRV tone. Correct me if i'm wrong but it's 15w tube, that should definitely fill a school gym
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Thanks, any idea how long it should last?
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
the amp will last forever and it sounds amazing if you use pedals like me i play everything bluegrass, metal, jazz, blues.......... anyway they sound amazing and they are LOUD!!!! don't let the 15w fool you i had a solid state peavey/marshall half stack and the fender blues jr. is just as loud but has a great tone.
It is excellent for bluesy sounds. I also think it could easily be loud enough for a gym, as I haven't ran mine past volume at full, and master at 6-7, with a full band.
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Alright thanks alot. Now as soon as I can sell my marshall, I'll be lookin for some good deals onthe blues junior. Once again thaks
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
yea its definitely a great investment. i have one. it was great. now got new speakers and retubed, its even better.
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