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lol simple yet funny
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i can become erect whilst displeasing women

What a talented person.
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I love that song! You are god for putting it into a poem

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Your hair is fckin epic, dude!!!


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no ****in way!
I don't even know you but I think I love you...

So awesome.

I hate my fucking username.
i'm pretty sure i've seen either that or something exactly like it before but i could be wrong

either way it's not all
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Ignorance is bliss. Oedipus ruined a great sex life by asking too many questions.
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Is it odd that I get an erection every time RageAgainst... posts?

President of "Colbert Nation "
You no funny.
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Thin necks make you play faster because guitars with thin necks sound thin and bad, and you play fast to distract people from the bad tone.
I laughed because of how unfunny it was.
my deviantART
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thank you kindly. now feel free to put a quote from me in your sig that says whatever you like.
Reminds me of Dethklok, Dethklok make me happy, happiness makes me give compliments, and here is one:

Yeah it's kind of funny only it just looks like you added words to a picture that didn't really need them that much.

Keep working at it.
There is no end to creation.
I've got something in my front pocket for you.
Why don't you reach down in my pocket and see what it is?
Then grab onto it, it's just for you.
Give a little squeeze and say: "How do you do?"
Not good.
[quote="'-[NiL"]-']You're not done being flamed in your other thread yet

My guitar was here first so lay hands off my soul.
ok thanks for the positive/ negative feedback. maybe i should leave it up to the guys in the demotivational pic thread
I can't stand watching people waste their money on horrible gear.
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Someone get the pear in here to save the day

Definitely, then this pic will look infinitely funnier than that repetitive overused 4chan crappy pear bastard!
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ok thanks for the positive/ negative feedback. maybe i should leave it up to the guys in the demotivational pic thread

Positive ?????????? jk

Quote by frusciante_man1 are truly my hero
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HONK!I like your cake.
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And Cakeface, why didn't you sig my


from that other thread?

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I can't stand it any longer.


Honk if you love cake! HONK!!
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Do you like mine?


That made me lol, that did.

I take my hat off to ye sir.

*takes hat off*
Our hearts are with Nick Grundy.
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I think AvengedThrice is pretty cool guy, eh raeps kittens to death and doesn't afraid of anything.

He knows me well..
Sort of funny, I guess. A little.
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

-Jimi Hendrix-

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You know you're in the drug thread when you see pictures of squash and "tuna nigga!" when you click the page.

I could see the appeal for the pic, but I didn't even smirk.

I see what you did, and I see the humor, I just didn't find it funny.

Sorry. =/
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Hmm... I do love cake...

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I think we should take a second out to flame him anyways. I mean we're already here.

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Only a misguided youth seeking something to take up the space below their post would sig me

^ Yep, that sounds about right.
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