I like the first one better

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the first one for looks and versatility but the second if you want a beast for metal.
if u play Metal or Rock, get the 2nd one. everything else, get the first. even to i dnt like Spalt Maple much.
the second one is beautiful plus the emgs on the black looks really cool. nice inlays too.
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the first one is lovely. that would be my choice. but then i'm not a metaller, i like blues. and it looks more the part for that.
Choices choices.

I'm bit unsure of the maple cap on the black one being "brighter". I like dark guitars.
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^they will probably both have maple tops, infact it says "yes even the black guitar has the maple top" anywho, i'm pretty sure EMG pickups are very bright so maybe the first 1 would be better for you.

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