Hello UG members, i go by Dagreene. im a sophmore in high school, and have been shifting around with all sorts of instruments. but firstly i'm a vocalist. im beggining to take a liking to the acoustic guitar. i can already play 2 simple songs, walk away by ben harper, and wanna make a memory by bon jovi....but i don't know what songs are good to learn and sing for beginner guitarists as myself. any recomendations???
check in the archives of best threads i have found the one with all the songs before but too many times for people there is a gigantic list
song stuck in my head today

Californication by RHCP is good. Wet Sand is good, as it uses 4 simple chords the whole song. If u can sing fast, Hate to say I Told u So by the Hives is good. Cum on Feel the Noyse by Slade (the original) isnt too hard and is a good song.
tenacious d's "wonder boy" its a great song and pretty much all tenacious d
Everything Changes - Staind
Rain - Breaking Benjamin

both beautiful songs to sing too.
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dont just learn easy stuff

remember to challenge yourself to get better
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