hmmm...I might sell my cheapo Cort G-Series, but....meh. I, too, am attached to it.

O Guitar, with your shitty stock pickups, gimpy volume knob, and inability to stay in tune, even with shiny new strings, broken in strings, and the old rusty ones, I shall treat you as though you were a drunken man on the corner of Suck and Broken, treating you well on the off chance you might buy me beer sometime.
I mean, I guess I would if somebody gave me like a grand.

I wouldn't sell it for it's retail value though...too much of a hassle of buying a new guitar.
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I'd sell my first one to an emo kid willing to 'play' it. I dislike it very much.
My double neck, however, I will be buried with.
I didn't think I would, but I gave my very first bass (which was my first real major purchase) away to the guy who let me join my first band. So now I wouldn't really care about selling any of them. Especially since my first guitar was a Bronze Warlock.... Couldn't even sell it if I tried...
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No feckin' way! It may be a POS, the frets may be on their deathbed, and the neck pickup is dead. Just like the first one. But I love it like a son.
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they're worthless AND priceless

i agree i couldn't get any money and there is a reason i bought them other than no money cause they are notexpansive lol
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Meh, mine's just a guitar. I like it and all, but i've yet to really do something monumental with it. Once i get a good one, and get my american strat, i'd have a hard time parting with that.
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I regret selling my first Squier.
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In a heartbeat. Anyone want to buy mine? I'll sell it for $80...
I feel very attached to my current guitar but I just wanna sell my 1st guitar right now... I need cash!
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I doubt it. The guitar I learned on wasn't mine, it's a gift from someone. It's an Ibanez acoustic from before the Japanese took the company over..

The first I bought was another acoustic, and I love him.. I wouldn't sell that, either.

And my SG... I love him. I worked so hard to get him. No one will take him from me. NO ONE!
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.