Alright, but limited and I'd still much prefer to figure out the sound I want and buy the pedals individually. Overall Caustic Rating: Nothing Special, Look Elsewhere.
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yea if you get something like that you'll probably play around with it a few times, and then realize its not that cool, but if you get a single pedal, that you like the sound of you can always plug that in, but then theres also less choice, single pedals are the way to go though, you can get a few for that much
It's for pissing around on. The effects aren't that great and you really don't even get an idea of what kind of effects you might want because, even if you hate/love the effect a single pedal might sound a lot better/different.
The effects in the middle part of the board sound good, especially the distortion section, but you're limited to mixing certain effects together. The wah just plain sucks, theres no real wah to it.
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