I just learned the solo from One by Metallica. I'm so happy because I've been playing for like a year and a week, and it's the first "advanced" solo I've learned. So my question is this, where to now? What is another song I could learn along the lines of what I just learned that is some what challenging? Thanks a lot
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I would start learning scales and how to improvise and write your own solos. the pentatonics are a great place to start
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work at it for a bit you should get it

or some more metallica
mabey megadeth
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Fade to black outtro solo by Metallica. Ever since I learned it everytime I play a guitar at a music shop or something I play about half that solo. Look it up.
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dude theres millions that are always more advanced than a guitarist will ever be. I'm finding new ones every day. Liiiiike Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. But if you've only been playing a year i dont think your quite ready for that
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ya i would definately learn fade to black-metallica. its an awesome song and i play it everytime i go to a music store
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The Crazy train solo will help you sharpen a bunch of your skills...
Id also say *TRY* to play the solo from Sweet Child O Mine. The wah part gets a bit difficult but its one of the coolest and best solos to learn