My chemistry teacher told me that instead of studying vocabulary, formulas, etc. you are likely to do 160% better if you screw off studying and read over the stuff that you learned, right before you go to bed. Don't brush your teeth or anything like that after reading over. But if you go directly to bed afterwards, you are going to remember everything really easily. I didn't believe her, but I had 32 vocab words i didn't even know how to say that i had to learn by this morning and I never looked at them before, but i thought i'd give a shot at her thing. And I only missed one the next day (this morning). Seriously, try that technique sometime. I think i'm screwing studying for the rest of the year and just doing her technique.

...Any other tips that help you learn sh*t easily? Cas i want to never study again!
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There is a monumental difference between being smart and memorizing useless information.
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Ever heard of the phrase, 'just sleep on it'?

Yeah, it works.
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yes it works for most because when you sleep your brain prosseses information that you "learned" during the day
Interesting. Im gonna try that. Or maybe, just to see if it works, try to memorize random words and there definitions for my own pleasure.
i'd go for osmosis
sleep on your textbook and under laws of osmosis the information will seep into your brain while you sleep. havent tried it but my old teacher used to make jokes about how it wouldnt work.
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It works by taking advantage of short-term memory. I wouldn't recommend if you're intent on actually learning the material. Oh the other hand, if passing the test is your only concern, go right ahead.