I seriously cant divelope calace on my fingers, so i was wondering,are there any companies that make caps you can put on your fingertips to protect them from the strings?
Stop using lotion.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Lol suck it up it doesnt hurt that much dude. I play for like 2 hours and when it hurts too much i just rub some icyhot on it
dip ur fingers in pickle juice. or maybe that's apple vinegar.

rub on pebbles when not playing.

if ur hands hurt, use coated strings.

some pros add a dab of crazy glue to their fingers. *AT UR OWN RISK

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dude are you for real if you that much of a wuss you shouldnt even play guitar

I STARTED out playing bass, where there were no problems, but my friend convinced me to play guitar too. god dammit i hate him right now, and seriously, i have excema on my ring finger on my left hand, so whenever calace divelopes, it peels off.
I'm slightly confused, as in your trying to develop them and it's just not happening, or..... You don't want it to happen?

Anyways, towards your last RE, when I first started playing I was heavy into Drop D... Power chords etc etc... my index and ring finger developed lovely callus...callussssssssuss, or however it's spelled... While my pinky and are still in the stages of peeling occasionally, and it's slowly starting to stop, and build some nice smoothed out ends. My only real suggestion is, when it starts to crack/peel, don't attempt to rip off the skin yourself, the strings will usually do that for you to a certain extent, if your ripping the access skin off yourself, theres a good chance your peeling back more skin then what's actually flaked off, and I'd assume from basic understanding of how skin works , your pretty much taking away from building callusus, by taking off the hardened skin, and only damaging your fingers by stripping away a layer of skin, showing a new layer of skin, for you to repeat the process again...

This of course, is my personal opinion, either I made a really smart comment, or something that made no sense, reguardless.... I say let your guitar do the work for you, and just keep on playing, pain can and will come with playing especially early stages, rather it be your finger tips, muscles etc... Have enough heart and soul put into the music your playing to let your instrument do it's work on your fingers.

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if you play enough, they will show. i have been playing everyday for at least 2 hours per day for the last 3 months, and i finally got them about 2 weeks ago.

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seriously you don't know anything about guitar then

icy hot will ruin your fingerboard and strings and

You can play without them
Finger strength and tougher fingertips come with time. Don't worry about it too much now. You'll eventually be able to play no problem.
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dude are you for real if you that much of a wuss you shouldnt even play guitar

And if your that rude you shouldn't be allowed to post.
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I'd be more concerned about developing proper grammar and spelling skills than how you play guitar at this point.