Just want to know how im doing at guitar. I've been playing for about 2 months and I can play, the beggining of One by Metallica (including the intro solo), Kryptonite, Lost in Hollywood by System Of a Down, Back In Black by ACDC, and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Plus some others I cant think of off the top of my head. So how am I doing compared to you guys when you were playing this long? Just want to know. Thanks.
It's really hard to judge someone by what songs you can play. It's all about technique ya know? Just post a vid of yourself playing and we'll let you know how well your doing.
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alright I see what you mean, I just meant judge by the songs that you were playing at the this time. Ill post a video in a bit then. With my sweet unidentified machine gun guitar.
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how do I post a video of myself? do I need a webcam or anything or what?

You can use a webcam or a video camera or anything, as long as you can get your video onto a computer, you can upload it to Youtube or some other website. UG might even have a video thing now.. I'm unsure.
neptune, most webcams will not work. most dont have a mic to pic up the sound. You could record audio and video separatley but then you would need to sinc it and people would say stuff such as HES USING HAXXORZ!!!111oneoneeleven.
that is actually really good for 2 months. keep playing?


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This is based on the assumption, you know how to read tab, but don't have an instructor, or a friend helping/teaching you the "way of the pick"

Sounds good, I don't know to what extent your playing these songs, playing all the parts/sound quality etc, theres soooo many tablature variations out there, especially if you go online for tablature, theres a lot of people out there who publish these tabs in.... "easy mode" Cutting out a lot of key parts to songs that ... not a lot, but many would be able to call out in a split second. Not only this but, if you don't have someone helping you along the way in real life, theres many ways that your making playing some of the songs harder on yourself.

Your looking for critisism, here is mine based on not knowing 90% of the situation of how your learning....

Find an instructor, ask him how he/she is going to help you in the long run, the money spent towards this will help a hell of a lot later on when you decide to learn some harder songs and create your own music.

Same goes for having a friend who is helping you along the way, make a decision on to rather or not you want to sound like him when he plays, while he is teaching you. You deffinatley don't want someone "teaching" you to play guitar, who is pretty much in the same position as you.