I've been getting some back pains after i've played guitar for a while. I think its because I sometimes slouch a little bit when i play, but if I play with my back straight, it doesn't feel comfortable to play.
do you have a heavy guitar? james hetfield threw his back out a few years back and now he can't play explorers anymore.
Sitting or standing?

I used to have the problem standing with a bass, guess I just got over it over time.
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Yeah, same here. Whenever I use my really long strap on my Starcaster I get back pains, but my short one doesn't do it so much...or maybe it's cause I use a semi-hollowbody for that strap, I dunno
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i used to all the time too cause i would like curl around the guitar.
just like... dont :P
u guys need to hit the gym if u feel strain from strapping the guitar. either that or work on ur posture when playing