Whats goin on fellow musicans. I just completed a little song i call the movie song. It jsut reminds me of something you can hear in the backround of a scene in a movie. I was talkin to my sister and she actually came up with something funny. She like imagined like a guy and girl just like thinking about eachother or something during the beginning slow part, and then during the guitar solo they realize something bad has happened. Shes also 15 mind you haha

But yea the first 9 seconds is nothing im sorry about that. and the intro guitar is distant and low on purpose. The strings i did on my midi keyboard using eastwest gold orchestra, and the drums on beatcraft. The i love the tone on the guitar solo. Its my pod xtlive, with some distortion obviously, but i got some flanger on it which i rarely use, and i cranked the reverb. So without further a due...


C4C of course....
crit as i listen.

really nice intro, great tone. the strings r awesome and give it that move sound flare. the solo is pretty good, very epic. very well mixed. it is all clean and polished. it does sound like it would fit in a movie perfectly. keep it up. crit mine
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guitar tone is nice, but strumming could be more consistant. strings are really beautiful. so are the horns, but they could go down a bit. solo was was awsome! nice job with the tone.

thanks for the crit.
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the Guitar solo is really beauitful and the song as a whole is really nice but it ends very suddenly :S seemed a little too sudden to me, anyway great work keep it up

If you get time would be greatly appreciated if u let me know what u think of my music cheers
That was awesome man you have a sick tone and you did a great job making it melodic nice and calming. Your recording was very professional what do you use?
Quote by Osiris77
That was awesome man you have a sick tone and you did a great job making it melodic nice and calming. Your recording was very professional what do you use?

for the guitar i just plug my pod xtlive into my computer through usb...i used a midi keyboard for the strings. And acoustica beatcraft for the drums.

About the ending yea, i want to make it longer but im kinda stuck, and i kinda lost my inspiration when writing the song so im jsut gonna leave it for now
This is good stuff.

The chorus sound is a bit overkill, I'd keep the signal a bit dryer, and some of the rhythm strums didn't seem to quite work.

I'd stick a bit of EQ on the midi strings, because that hides the digital tackyness of it. I'd also fatten the drums a bit. Anything blatantly MIDI sounding lacks soul.

The lead guitar playing is EXCELLENT! again, the amount of FX is a bit over the top, but I guess most people tend to like that stuff.

There's a bit of noise at the end, if you trim these things up, you'll tend to come across as a more sophisticated musician to the professionals.

Overall, I'd give this an 8/10 - high standard of recordings on UG at the moment!

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Loved Movie song man. Really great mood through the whole thing and, the guitar playin was great.
I love the chord progression, I would have used a smoother clean tone though, or possibly strummed over the neck instead by the pick-ups.

The solo tone is really awesome, but the volume of the solo should go WAY down.

And a few of the bends are out of tune.

The fast part was cool!

The strings were a beautiful addition.

Nice job man!

Crit mine please?

i thought the intro was a bit boring, perhaps too long. as soon as the solo hit, top gun sprang to mind, hahaha. i liked the tone you got and it was interesting. i quite liked how it ended too. what type of film were you thinking this would go to, other than what your sister said? =)

i thought it was okay. you should solo more hahah.

thanks for the crit.
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it sounds good, i like the strings(?) , when the electric guitar comes in it reminds a little of top gun anthem. I also think the electric guitar is too loud in the mix.
otherwise it sounded good.
funny you guys keep saying top gun, i have never even seen top gun haha, also the strings sound like **** i think beacuse myspace decreases the quality alot, trust me the strings sound alot better on my 320 bitrate mp3. O well thanks guys for the awesome crits, hopefully ill finish it soon im kinda stuck on it for now.