Lunch for school or work.

Egg sandwich
2 Chewy bars
1 yogurt (with spoon)
2 juice boxes
assorted vegetables and fruits
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A cheesburger or a Hot Pocket. These are the only good things I can buy at my school to eat.
Mittagessen für die Schule oder Arbeit.

Belegter Ei-Butterbrot
2 Zähe Bars
1 Jogurt (mit dem Löffel)
2 Saft-Kästen
geordnete Gemüsepflanzen und Früchte
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I make my own subs with iced tea or water. The best kind of sub I make is the one where I use Jalapeño buns with spicy cheese.
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Wow, I actually understood some of that.

Jogurt... I'm thinking yogurt.
Just a sandwich and Gatorade from monday til wednesday then thrusday to friday I get money to buy my lunch.
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i had chicken fingers,milk,apple sauce,and a piece of rock hard bread. yay high school lunch. now i remember y i stopped eating that food it makes me gassy X_X
sandwich or leftovers, 2 granola bars, fruitopia, and occasionally baked goods or chocolate bars
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I had sum Watermellon, a box of raisins, and a bacon chesseburger total:$3.00
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1 Sandwich.
1 Muffin.
1 Juice Box or Chocolate Milk.
1 Snack Food (Brownie/rice Crispy)
Assorted Fruits and Veggies.
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pizza, and cookies, and my friend ate a sandwich off the floor
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i eat in the cafeteria MTRF, but tomorrow im walking back here for leftover olive garden from sunday i usually get something different every day for lunch.
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2 sandwiches that end up being about 3/4 lbs of food and some water. same thing everyday... it sucks, but it keeps the hunger away till about 8th period.
I don't get a lunch period

but it's probably better that way, considering I carry around a pop-tart or something similar as opposed to this new healthy **** food that they supposedly issued across New York State. Seriously, the food was half-way decent before, now it BLOWS!
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I usually either get a chicken sandwich or chicken tenders at lunch.

They're always available, and they're good, at least.
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trix cotton candy yogurt with spoon home made brownie turkey sandwhich with white american cheese and mayonese on italian bread, oats and honey granola, grapes, and doritos and an IBC rootbeer

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5 chicken nuggets and a quart of milk for.......$2.
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