Hey, i have to do a Travel Brochure thing for school, and im kinda stuck.

I need to come up with reasons to go to the Czech Republic.

So far i have
1. Visit the historic city of Prauge
2. There are 13 regions to visit with plenty of diversity
3. It had a varied landscape and a enjoyable climate\

Any help would be awesome, especially if some of you live there.
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talk about why Praque is historic, go in depth with the regions, each regions history, the food, strudel, kolaches, etrenice (sausage), PIVO (beer), music (polka), how Praque has been a cultural center of Europe for the past three centuries!!! OMG!!! The government in exile during WWII, dude, I could type forever but this is a tidbit of stuff.

I happen to be of Czechoslovakian descent, specifically Bohemian (yay Bohemian Rhapsody) and Moravian (BOO Morav Prison).

Here are some cool phrases:

Jak se mas? (pronounced yak se mosh): Hello, Good Day, etc.

Pomali Jachti (pronounced pomali yachti): good, and you?

Dobre: good

Czo Jelazche (pronounced so jellosh): what are you doing?

Stazdincka (pronounced stagincka): Grandma

Mamicka (pronounced mamika): Mother

Netz (pronounced netz): nothing

this next one may get you in trouble at school,

pushka (pronounced pooshka): pussy

So here's some phrases a few tips and suggestions. good luck.