Any one feel like they like epiphone more than the new gibson (80s-now)? I think they need better quality controll and price their guitars waay too high. I mean 2200 for a lespaul standard! come on...i could get an elist for some where around a grand..... Not bashing old gibson or anything i think they made some of the best guitars in the 70s and 60s but does anyone else feel its time for Gibson to start making them like they used to or drop the prices?
I vote both.
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Everyone knows Gibson over prices there guitars by like $500-800.
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just sorta forget this thread...it was jsut sorta a rant b.c i was mad tht i couldnt have an LP and an Sg....lol i picked the SG
There are better guitars in both price ranges .
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There are better guitars in both price ranges .


especially on the Epiphone range, IMO (maybe 'cause there are more guitars in that price range than on Gibson's )
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