London Ontario by the way... but ya uh my buds and I are making sort of a hard rock band and we have everything but a Bassist. We also have a few people we know who play bass but one of them is a tool, and the others are impossibly ugly and can't play very well... soo... ya we need a bassist. Also most of us have a couple of years of experience, and our lead guitarist (not me... I prefer rhythm and vocals) is f*cking amazing, his improvisational skills are phenomenal, so anyways. We're 16-17 years old and we're looking for somebody in that general age group and ya we all go to Oakridge. And we're not too concerned with skill... like we're just looking for people to jam with and then if things go good join our band so if you live in London and you play bass pm me!!!

uhh and influences are like Iron Maiden, Rise Against, BOBNOXIOUS, Illscarlett, RUSH (concert tommorow and I'm pumped), Dream Theatre, the sport of skateboarding, and ya stuff like that... we're not a screaming group so if you really want to play some screamo don't get your hopes up

also if you pm me I can give you my email, phone number or whatever floats your boat

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