Hey im new to the whole cell phone world
but i want a cell phone in order to keep in tough with my buddies.

I want a texting plan coz i heard theyre the cheapest

So what would it cost for unlimited texting ?

I heard u can get texting for $10 a month
does this include all the fees ?

(except for the phone of course)

or how much $ per how many messages ?

and what phone company is the best ?

I would like it based around the Ontario area
because it would be more relevant.

Give it more than four minutes before bumping a thread, if you must bump it at all.

The plan I'm on, it's like, 10 or 20 dollars for an unlimited number of texts a month, but it takes a huge chunk out of the minutes for talking.
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do they have verizon in CANADA??

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I had a 1200$ cnd bill on a plan
not the best day
but it was all long distance to my g/f so i didnt care
(i didn't pay it either, hehe)
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