i have a 360 that i got last christmas, hasnt caused me any problems, only has 1 controller, the games i have with it are Two worlds limited edition, pgr3, battle for middle earth 2, hitman bloodmoney, kameo and oblivion lemme know what your willing to trade
I sent you a PM about that Charvel in your sig.

EDIT: hmm, my profiel is saying it wasn't sent. In case it wasn't, I have a 360 w/ controller and HD to trade for that Charvel, though I would like some info on it first. Thanks.
well what models are they? as far as i know the charvel is late 80's early 90's with an emg and afterburner and battery check light i also have a mim fender project guitar with a seymour duncan
Its the Xbox 360 Premium Package. My question about your Charvel (looks to be a Model 2 btw with the Afterburner and Checklight added) is the condition of the trem, and what trem it is. Also are you in the US? Thanks.