Okay, so I just got done memorizing the follow scales:

Minor Pentatonic
Major Pentatonic

I know how to play them, I don't know how exactly you make a solo or improv off them though. Help? ha
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For starters, go to www.youtube.com and search on "Pentatonic" "lick". Choose the ones that interest you and enjoy! There are some lessons with the player walking you through the run. There are also ones that just do the lick with no explaination. Since you know some scales already, I think you are set to go.

Well, let's use the Blues scale for example since I like it and it's easy to use.

Say you play a song in the key of A. At some point usually the end, if you want to pull off some improve and soloing, you simply find your Blues scale in A and you play notes from the Blues scale in any order or pattern you wish. Normally you only play on the bottom 3 strings (e, b, g) and possibly the d string because it gets harder to hear once you get to the a and E string.
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just jam for an hour and you'll come up with something.

This is the only thing that's worked for me, cause any time I try to do a lick otherwise, I just wind up going around in circles. Gotta get those juices flowing, ya know?
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i agree...just jam for an hour or so and preferably record yourself, then play it back and take what you've already played and mold it together... also it helps if you try humming the notes as your playing them. also just listening to your backing and humming something over the top of it will give you some good ideas....but in my view jamming provides a lot of the best ideas