I have a 25 watt Ibanez bass amp and i need something that i can do small gigs and band practice with. I have a peavy millenium bass and i don't plan on replacing it. I have my eye on these amps, what do you guys think about them? I have a budget of about $300-$400 (400 would be a stretch).

Ampeg BA112 50W Single 12 Bass Combo

Fender Rumble 60 Bass Combo Amp

Ibanez SW100 100W Bass Amp

Fender Bassman 100 Combo Amp

Any help would be apreciated, i don't have as much as an ear for bass amps as i do for guitar amps.

If you can scrounge up another 20 that will be great for you. Its scratch and dent and 220 watts from Ampeg.

If not a BA 115 would do nice. Its twice the wattage of the 112 for about 50 bucks more.