I'm thinking of picking up a new instrument and just wantr a bit of advice.

Firstly... harmonicas? Just want to know- are they cheap? are they worth picking up? and are they easy to learn? I don't want to have to invest too much time into learnig them, guitar is still my main one I want to play.

And secondly... I don't have enough money or the space for a piano, so thinking about a keyboard instead. Are you able to play proper songs on a keyboard(like Nightswimming, Layla solo, etc) or are you restricted when it's not as big as a piano. And also, is it easy to learn?

Grateful for any advice thanks
Harmonica comes in two types. Chromatic (able to play in any key) or diatonic (stuck in 1 key). They are cheap enough, in Britain you're talking £20-£30, not too expensive. If you buy a diatonic one they are easy to learn te basics, but to get good you have to learn lots of different techniques for different sounds. Like any other instrument, put the time in you get the rewards back.

Keyboard is a good instrument to learn for understanding your theory. If you want to learn advance things beyond merely playing a simple tune i would advise buying a piano. but a cheap keyboard is always a good starting point. The advantages of a piano is that it is easy to see the notes on it - there is 1 note for middle C, not 3 or 4 like on a guitar.