I've heard people talk about these guitar grades that they use in the UK and i was wondering exactly what they are and whether you can get the grade books over here in the states.
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hahaha, I just had a crazy idea!!! What UG should do is make an RPG based on the "skills" section.

kinda like a Diablo II or World of Warcraft except instead of leveling up by killing stuff, you level up by getting people to rate your "skills" (you know the videos on your profile) highly. Then you use those skills to kill stuff online.

You could buy new amps and equipment from the local blacksmiths, customize yourself with spikey viking armor and other stuff, and defeat others using your guitar skills.

I can just imagine it now...

Buddy1 " Hey wtf are you up to?"
Buddy2 " Unh, I'm a level 40 speed metal guitarist, I'm dueling a 38 funk bassist from Canada... I'm not doing so good, he deflected my Yngwie riff and now he's pulling some weird harmonic sh*t on me. I'm not sure if I'm gonna win this one."

sorry for the digression, but yeah. I'd be interested in knowing what grade I am at guitar
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The US doesn't have a similiar standardised music exam as far as I know, but trinity should have the exam available in the US as well.

Basically you have two types fo exams. There are classical exams and more recently you have rockschool exams.

You have 8 grades and each year, you have to pick 3 pieces to play from the given 9(or of your own choice), and in addition to this you have theory, ear training(play back what he plays to you) and sight reading(he shows you some music, you have to play it back after 30seconds practice).

Its quite tough and I fin it tougher than the classical stuff. They seem to be a lot more picky about your timing in rockschool and the pieces are very varied which really throws you out of your comfort zone. I have a jazz piece, a metal piece and a blues piece to do and each one also requires you to write a solo(this starts from grade 3 or 4. I've done grade 2 and am going for grade 4)
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