I'm learning this song and its going good BUT on this part (if you can find where it is) my teacher said something about playing it with C G D Fm7 and other chords but now i cant see how to incorporate that, can someone explain?
staiway is just arpegiated chord( play note of a chord seperately). The 4 first notes are part of the C chord, then you have the four next notes are part of the d chord, after the other notes are part Fm7 and finally G.
the first 4 notes you hold a C chord, but pick each note. Then you switch to D, and so on.
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Yeah, and just to add to this the entire intro is fingerpicked which you probably already knew. So you form the chord, pluck the two strings generally, and then pick the rest, switch to the next chord, etc.
its actually played with a pick and the fingers kind of like half and half, i hold the pick with my index and thumb and finger pick with my others