i finished writing the words for a song. I really want to finish it by adding a nice melody into it. But as of the moment i completely blanked out. how can i make an original melody. does anybody have tips.
hmm... start with a key.

add a chord progression (remember major= happy, minor= sad).

I find these two sites great for chord progressions.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chord_progressions (scroll down to the common chord progressions)
http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/chord_progressions.php (just choose a key, and a scale for it to follow.)

then just find an acoustic guitar and just speak or hum the words, while strumming through the chords.

Eventually you'll just stumble upon a rhythm you'll feel catchy and your vocal melody would just naturally catch on.

Don't worry too much about the instrumentation, as long as you fine the chords and a catchy rhythym, you can add as many pinch harmonics, sweeps, or whatever suits your style until your happy.

Hope I've helped, you onto your way of becoming the Bob Dylan! Just remember to give me some credit once you make it. My sn is Alex the Red, okay?

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yeah, a melody isn't something u write based on theory and what "should" go with ur song, this is where u get to be a musician, figure out the atmosphere of ur song, the measure (of music) and how ur lyrics will fit in and just be sure the melody is in key, if all else fails sing it like Robert Palnt, just fvcking wail it...