I sat down to write a song...but somehow I ended up arranging and recording this. I just thought I'd see what you guys think of it. I know the synth sounds bad, I'm using a $30 Radioshack keyboard. And I haven't been singing that long, so go easy on my voice. I don't actually watch the show, so if you have anti-anime (or whatever the hell it is, people get picky) feelings, please don't take them out on me.

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Thats cool man, i've not heard the original song so can't really compare. I think your voice is fine but maybe try and sing with a bit more power? On the whole nice song
not bad, it has a kickass swanky 1930s jazz vibe to it. all it needs is a trumpet solo

although its kinda obvious you havent been singing too long, the voice fits very well with the arrangement. no complaints about that from me especially with my singing voice
Hi? Crit4crit?
I dont know the original either, I dont watch the show.. But your song is great! The rhythm guitar has a very pleasant tone, something jazzy like the guy above me already said. The synth is not fantastic as you said but it's not that bad. And about your voice, you have potential

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