Tell me the natural rhythm of these words in whatever time signature it works best for, thanks.

Flying away in summer rain.
Sleeping tonight up in the sky.
Off to somewhere else again.
Sometimes wondering why.

I think, as I wait for sleep to come,
it seems to me, we all are on,
an ancient flight to the morning sun.
I study the scenes, and write my songs.

Thanks in advance.
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The most 'natural' rhythm is the way you speak it if you read it out. You can make lyrics fit in many (any?) time signatures, so it's best to experiment and see which gives the feel you're looking for. You could consider giving important words longer time values to emphasise them.

Personally I think 3/4 would work well for those, with a slow acoustic ballad feel, but it's your song
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When I read it I got rhythm a lot like cat's in the cradle by Harry Chapin/Ugly Kid Joe...dunno if that's what you were aiming for though
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Hmm, I think that if you are going to do that sort of thing, you want to first think of a rhythm. For example in your first line, if you were to do stress-unstress sylables, then it wouldnt scan, and throughout it I cant see a uniform rhythm.

I would first decide whether to do it with a shuffle beat or something else first, and then fit your words into it. That way it may sound a bit nicer, as it will scan easier.
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