I've had these guitars for what seems like forever (well three out of four) and I was just curious if they're "good" or not.

(I know I've been a member for awhile, but I've never gotten into "what guitar is good" -- I just played and didn't think much about it)

Acoustic Yamaha FG-350 - I've had this guitar since before I learned to play (been playing for 'bout 10 years now). It was my mom's and she gave it to me to learn on. Really nice guitar and has a great sound.

Classical Eterna EC-15 (Yamaha) - Had this guitar for about eight years. Never really got into classical guitar so I don't play it very often, but it has nice sound. I actually got this guitar in a trade back when I was 15'ish for an electrical I had. It had a built in amp and was a pretty cheap guitar. I also got a rambo knife (lol) and some other ****.

Acoustic/Electric Alvarez Fusion 5088CBK - Had this one for about seven years now. It's really my "first" guitar, even though it was my fourth. I got this one for christmas one year and was actually the one that really inspired me to play.

Copley Electric Guitar CEG-CG - Well, I got this off of ebay. It looks nice, but the sound is a bit crappy. Not that bad I guess for the price I paid. It's only $99 now, but I paid like $190 or some **** a few years ago for it. Good little practice guitar.

Well that's what I have now. I mainly want to know about the Yamaha and the Alvarez. My mom actually has some other very nice guitars. She doesn't even really play, but they belonged to my great-great grandfather and he gave them to her. So they have sentimental value to her. It'll be hard to pry those away.

I know she has a Yamaha 12 String (not sure about the model number) and a National. She told me she saw the same exact national on one of those shopping channels going for $50,000 --- Not sure if she is lying or not, but that would be cool if it were true.

Alright thanks for any responses.
the 1st 2 r pretty good cuz they r yamahas, cant go wrong there idk about the other two