If this isn't allowed, so help me God.
I'll understand why it might not be, but those who have a soul will let it stay.

I personally have a Nintendo 64 and a XBOX360.

Just to start off conversation, has anyone tried the demo for the game "skate" on the next gen consoles? The controls take getting used to but once you do this game is awesome. Much better mechanics and realism than Tony Hawk.

I also recently beat Bioshock, which is a cool freaky, FPS/RPG with a whacked out story and cool gameplay.

Right now i'm playing a ****load of Halo2 getting myself ready for Halo3.

Also if we want to make a list of GamerTags for XBOX360, i'll update this first post.
I'll start off with mine:

UG USERNAME - - - - - - - - - - GAMERTAG
SilentSpectacle - - - - - - - - - D34THTRIPPER
I have cancer, fight me.