I've decided to buy one of these based off the reviews and comparisons against the PODXT live, GNX series, ZOOM, and VOX multi effects. I'm going to try one out in a couple of days. Just want to ask a couple of questions of anyone who owns or has owned/used one. First of all, a lot of reviews say the effects are good, but the amp modeling is not so great. I'm buying this primarily for the amp modeling since I am just using an epiphone valve jnr. Are the amp models really that bad? I don't expect them to sound as good as the amps they are modeling, but do they sound good to the average listener? Also, the pitch bend or pitch shift function on it, can it do increments of 1/2 a step, or does it only go up whole or down octaves?
The amp models are pretty decent, not the best but not crappy. The pitch bend can be altered to what ever you want - there is not set limit, it ranges from -20 to 20, so you can have a small change or an extreme one.
Also, with the amp models, can you just drive them to high gain instead of using the stompbox effects in the GT-8?
Check out my GT-8 thread for some more info. As far as using it with the VJ, a friend of mine borrowed a GT-8 for about a month and used it with his VJ and said it was really hard giving it back to the guy he borrowed it from.