Unspoken, Unwritten, Undone

As the final light endures,
Preyed upon by dusk renewed,
Anger under blood red skies,
Dissipated into memories crude.

I am unholy,
My words unspoken

As I understand the cause,
Preyed upon by thoughts endured,
Anger within my blood red dreams,
Will my failures finally be cured?

I am unholy,
My dreams unwritten

All it takes is one last push,
To sever my bond from here,
To sever the path,
To sever the last,
Reamining aura of light

As I walk between the gates,
Of both my enemy and salvation's gain,
Anger within my blood red soul,
My hatred will stop this terror reign

I am unholy,
Yet shall I be undone?

I am unholy,
Yet shall I be undone?

I may be unspoken,
I may be unwritten,
But through faith I shall never be undone.

Long time no see peoples. This is part seven of the Anubis Complex. This piece is essentially where Sindri both physically and mentally comes together before the Final Battle with his nemesis. He believes he is ready, and that through his anger and faith, he can and will prevail- the invincibility of youth, shall we say? He still has much to do, which he doesn't realise. He knows he's unclean, that his life hasn't been as good as it could have been, but surely, even the unholy deserve a second chance?

Crit for crit, peoples.
Sweet...I never read the first six, and I don't have the motivation to. This looks solid, lyrically.
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Very Coheed And Cambria-ish in concept..in a good way.

I love it!
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Great lyrics...
Can i try to make Music for this one?!?
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