your singing actually sounds pretty good. its a little soft though...you can sing on key and you have a good sound to your voice so don't be shy with it. It does seem like you need a little more practice though playing and singing it live. Your timing gets a little off. It just sounds like you haven't completely sunk into the song. You're doing good so far, just keep practicing it and you'd do great at the assembly.

crit me? its not a cover but oh well.
Crit for crit right?
You have a pleasant voice and you sing on key.. What more do you need to sing?? Put more power behind it, like this guy above me said don't be shy just go for it. You can do it
The rhythm guitar had a pleasant tone too, which makes overall a great cover..!

Crit mine too please: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAzJ6202qYk
This is my Joe Satriani cover.. Post your comments on the YouTube site if you want, much appreciated