This is the tread where you can tell people how your day was. Please refrain from spamming the others users. I don't know if this has been done...i tried the search bar.

So.......how was your day?(start with yesterday for the morning people on here)
Fucking shithouse.

I need a hug.
Not had it yet. well, it's 11:44 am here. Reasonably okay so far.

Gotta leave in 'bout 20 mins though.
So far today has been alright. It's only 11:45 am, so plenty of bad things could happen yet...but I'm thinking positive

Though breakfast was a bit meh...
my day was good until i saw a video done by chris crocker telling me to eat his cornhole. that was after i saw him tell everyone to leave britney alone.
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my day was good until i saw a video done by chris crocker telling me to eat his cornhole. that was after i saw him tell everyone to leave britney alone.

That happened to me too! O.O I was.... confused?
woke up 9am, played kingdom hearts 2 til 11, on computer til 12, tv and lunch til 12.45, worked returns at a kmart-like-store for 3 hours, repeat what i did this morning...

man just reading back what i did, my life's kinda sad
It's 7:30am. I woke up, took a shower and brushed my teeth...that is all.
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woke up early, got to school late.

got a detention in school for not having school shoes but i just scrunched it up and threw it away. i got my mates mp3 confiscated, i got into a kind of coke bottle fight during lunch.

i got back home and went in my room, talked to some mates, played some songs. had dinner, talked some more, showered, and now i'm here.

and later i have to choose what classes i want next year.

so today has been good.
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Fucking shithouse.

I need a hug.

*hug* haha

And my day was pretty amazing. School went by fast, then I found out my Cannibal Corpse shirt I had ordered came in. And then I went home and my friend ended up sending me the new Black Dahlia Murder. THEN I found out that my ipod started working again after its second encounter with the washing machine.
I'm about to go to the doctor to get some blood test done.
and my gf is mad because I had to cancel our date


My day was good, first period off, so I could sleep a little longer, had fun with people, just got home pretty early, just finished walking my dog, the weather is bearable, and I got band practice tonight.

The only downside is that I have a test tomorrow.

my day was pretty brutal
had an english exam
bought a pizza for lunch
worked on my graphics assignment for ages
and here we are
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Today my date un-invited me to the yr 10 formal
She 'wanted to be with her friends"

i ate her
It's 11:05pm here at the moment.

My day was quite boring. I woke up at 12:30, ate a whole cheesecake, then had noodles for lunch, then again for tea, went to the dentist, then went and watched a movie at a friend's house, now I'm back home on UG.

Probably the least boring day I've had in weeks.

Was pretty sh!t day, had school. Learned I need to script a 4-5 minute play, write two reviews, write a report on drugs in sport, study for two history tests, a human biol test, and do a math assignment.
Doing history homework now, cuz I didn't do it in class as we decided we'd take the time to see who could make funny noises when the teacher was gone.
My girlfriend is terribly sick.

And I have exams in two weeks.
man- is messed day so far... i woke and the dog had relieved himself on the carpet near my bed, and poo is on the kitchen floor as well. In the bathroom the cabinet had been left open- peptobismol is the only thing the dog got into; spilt on floor, all soaked in the bathmat as well. Dog has diarrhea, and I live on the 4th floor of apartment..with no balcony. I put him in bathtub and shut the door. What should I do?
well so far its been OK. my codes and regs project seemed like it was gonna get a huge boost, but then it turned out that all i heard about all the figures we needed for the report being in the possession of one of my friends was just a rumour.

as for my senior design project, i get to write up the "fun" stuff. the project approach is due soon (not sure when), and i get the parts about the bridge design, the codes and regulations, and the plans and specifications.

on another note, my friend and i are going down to brownstown on friday to pick up his car (about a 1.5 hr drive each way). when we get back, were goin over to our buddies' apartment to help them break in their new 50" HDTV with a star wars marathon (original trilogy only, thx) with booze on the side .

i got more if you want to hear it, but this is wall of text enough for me as of now.
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utter shit. It was good for a little while, then it just went down the drain.
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Like every other day. Boring, bland, lame, etc. But, the other day I bruised my friend by poking her (that's on the arm).
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did nothing for a while.....

did some push-ups some sit-ups played video games played guitar thats all
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I found ten bucks on my way to school. It was like pitch black when I left (6:20, I had band) and I walked passed a "piece of paper" then stopped and looked at it. I was like "hey five bucks" then I picked it up and I was like "hey TEN bucks". So all in all not a bad day.
The lady I dig finally started talking to me, so superlative.
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Yesterday was the worst day I've had in probably the past year . But today was pretty good. I read the news on the pc during one of my classes and realized WWIII may happen pretty soon (see Putin dissolving the Russian Gov't, Russia designing a bomb more powerful and eco-friendly than any the U.S. has, U.S. planning on whether to bomb Iran) I saw all those headlines on the same page . But it didnt really bother me because its out of my control. School was fun as usual (senior year ) and I got to jam with a guy after school and just hang out. Not looking forward to the weekend tho
It was pretty good. I only had to spend 45 minutes on the marching field this morning, and I actually got to sit by people I actually kind of like at lunch (a luxury I don't get on Tuesdays and Thursdays...). But then I had to watch the only girl I really like at my new school hang all over some tall greasy dude...
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