At work There are times when I do nothing at all., stand around waiting for customers. I want to play guitar but taking it to work is impractical.

What i'd like is a small fretboard, so i can train my fingers. Ive found the gripmaster.. seems expensive for what it is though.

Any other products out there no the market, especially for aussies?

doesn ibanez make a small electric guitar? or alternatively, buy a plank of wood/neck and just bring that to work
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Was thinking of plank of wood, and somehow trying to put strings on it and frets but requires a fair amount of effort.
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Maybe you could get a ukelele or something and take that with you? If it's only for your fingers, it shouldn't be too bad. Just string it as you would a guitar rather than as it would normally be (the stringing is weird, to me at least).
just made a fretboard out of a beer carton. textra inlays and fret lines! what I really need it some strings though.