Hi guys.
After playing acoustic for several years, I decided to start electric now.
I searched and tried a lot and decided to buy a Fender Standard Strat HSS.

Now I want to find the right Amp for me:
- I want it to be versatile. I may play any kind of music. However, I’m not a metal fan.
- I will not gig. I just want to play indoors. So 15~30W is enough.
- The sound quality should be good enough. I don’t want to use it just as a beginner’s Amp and replace it later. I hope it will be my first and last Amp.
- Price doesn’t matter. (considering the above items it wouldn’t be so expensive)
- I’ve already decided: Fender Blues Junior; Marshal DSL401; Laney VC15/LC30; Peavey Delta blues/classic 30;

Any suggestions? Please help me to decide.
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the peavey classic 30 has great cleans and a great overdrive for blues and classic rock
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Orange rockerverb? Orange rocker30?
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it is only for home practising ? or jamming with mates also (and a drummer ?) ?
anyway, an orange tiny terror maybe ? or a mesa boogie lone star special if price doesn't matter, amazing amp.
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If you got a Peavey Classic 30 and an overdrive pedal of some kind you'd be able to cover pretty much any style, so you'd most likely not need to replace it, seeing as if you wanted to you could gig with it as well.
So there are more choices: Orange and Mesa. I just read some reviews about them. Especially the Orange rocker30 seems to be a good choice. I should try it too.

I was just thinking as it will be my only one Amp, perhaps it should be necessary to have some features such as effects loop, headphone jack, …
Well I don't think any valve amps have headphone jacks...but most have FX loops.
Like "the red Strat" said earlier; are you ONLY going to be playing at home or do you think you'll do some jamming w/ or without a drummer?
My suggestions to try out would be:
Orange Rocker 30
Orange Tiny Terror
Peavey Classic 30
Laney VC-30
Mesa F series
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If money isnt too much of a problem, I would suggest the Orange Rocker 30 at the drop of a hat, great cleans, Superb Overdrive, add a nice OD in front (or maybe an OCD) and you can achieve pretty much most tones, and if you do ever want to gig, its got more than enough volume to pump it up big time.

However, if money does come in to play, the peavey classic 30 is a great amp, with an OD (or again, an OCD) you could cover alot of musical/tonal grounds.
Thank you all for your suggestions. Peavey classic30 seems to be the most wanted.
“Yngwi3” informed me that most valve amps do not have headphone jack. I’m wondering how I am supposed to practice at night!
Yes I will do some jamming with my mates, but drummer… I don’t think so.
I said the price doesn’t matter, but still I think “Mesa F series” or “Laney VC30” (and other 1000USD-amps) are more than what I need. And I'm not going to accept the risk of buying a used one.
I’ll appreciate if there are more ideas.
Delta Blues 1x15. I prefer it to the Classic by far, the 15" speaker is brilliant.

And no, most don't have headphone jacks, but once you hear the sound quality you won't want to use 'phones.

The VC30 is similar in quality to the Classic 30, but it's only a good deal in the UK - in the US they're grossly overpriced, opposite with the Peavey.

So go with the C30 or DB depending on which you like better when you play it. I preferred the tone of the Delta by far.
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Delta Blues 1x15. I prefer it to the Classic by far, the 15" speaker is brilliant...

The VC30 is similar in quality to the Classic 30, but it's only a good deal in the UK - in the US they're grossly overpriced, opposite with the Peavey.


I'm a big fan of the Delta Blues 115. It'll do everything you want, minus the headphone jack. FX loop, reverb, tremolo, and great tone. Best in the price range, IMHO.

That said, you may want to give the Mesa Express 5:25 a look. It's an incredibly versatile and portable amp, and the fact that it's capable of switching from 25W to 5W might be appealing to you as well.
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I tried both DeltaBlues and Classic30 a few days ago in the shop. I should confess that my un-trained ears couldn’t distinguish particular difference in the sound during that short time. Perhaps I should try again.
Considering the features, I know DeltaBlues has tremolo and a bigger speaker. (And it is larger) The brochure also says Delta blues has a “master reverb” while Classic30 has “reverb level control” I don’t know if it is a real difference or not.

OK, just now I checked Mesa express 5:25 on the Internet… Great!
It seems like selecting an Amp among so many great ones is a mission impossible.
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