Hey, im looking to buy a "Reverb/Echo" pedal for when i am soloing up the top of the kneck. Ive heard a few recordings from Jaco, and the sound that he gets is amazing. I understand that i ain't gonna get that gorgeous sound but i was wondering if anyone knows of anything that would give me the same effect?

Well, the reverb he would have used was spring reverb. It's nice, but keep in mind there's a boing every time you hit the strings. On guitar, it blends in a bit, but on bass, you need to have enough bass output to make it less noticible.

Digitech I can vouch for being nice to bass frequencies for their delay/timing effects, but keep in mind that reverb can muddy up bass big time. A spring tank won't hurt your bass tone at all. EBS is my pick, since it's the only real reverb I can think of that's made specifically for bass.
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