I'm probably going to get $250 for my birthday, $300 max. Should I get an RP250/Zoom G2 for home recording/effects or save up for a Roland Cube 60? I think it would be too expensive on my budget and not appropriate considering I've only been playing 4.5 months to get single pedals (chorus, delay, distortion) of a good quality when I can get a multi effects for playing through a PC or modeling my ****ty Fender Frontman Reverb 15W. Also would 60 watts be too loud for basement jamming?

Styles: A little blues here and there (I would definatly play some more blues if I had wah and fuzz) but mainly hard rock and metal, sometimes mellower rock here and there.
Guitar: Fender Mexican Stratocaster
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go for the cube, its wroth to save up!
it not too loud becouse it has 2 volum knot (1 for clean and 1 for Lead)
and the zoom G2.1u is just garbage
How much louder would it be than a 15W? Does the optional footswitch allow me to change between clean/lead? EDIT: I might get a digitech considering that I would have to save alot more than $350 (what the cube costs) to have good pedals.
you can connect 3 footswitches to the cube 60 to change channel, turn on/of the effects, turn on/of the delay/revb. ant it has an external speaker out so you can connect it to a 4x12 cab.
it can be loud enough for a gig... i really don't know, i never had a 15 watts amp.
the digitech is good for recording but not for playing live
I'm kind of into doing basic recording and I know the basics of audacity and how to use some of the effects. Also I won't be playing live for a long time.
for basic recording you don't need a modeler.
i like cube more than a modeller... it's your choice
yes it is, i mean i dont like floor modelers, becouse you need a spearated power amp and a speaker cab.
But how would it sound through the USB connection? (the digitech rp250)
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