What amp do you have?

What guitars do you have?

What's your price range?
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
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Yes, Rush, King Crimson. That type of thing.

Prog uses a bunch of tones so I would say something with some versatility. What kind of setup we taking about?

If you have a solid state amp then I would say maybe a multi-effects processor might foot the bill.

Such as POD 2.0 or Boss GT-8.

If you have a tube amp and you like it's overall sonic charateristics then maybe:

Boss DS1
Pro Co RAT2
MXR is my favorite but there many flavors.

I would certainly go to a good guitar center and try some a sh*tload out.

p.s. maybe you need an EQ and a gate as well. There's much to consider for your perfect tone.
you probably cant go wrong with a Boss overdrive pedal.
Im using a Boss mega distortion pedal and its got a great sound and its just so damn solidly built as well.
I say this because ive used some Zoom multi FX pedals before and the sockets where you plug in leads loosened but were inside and couldnt be tightened so the pedal was unusable after a year or so.

Have a look at this: http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/od-3/2418
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he didnt ask for a distortion pedal...

as for the OD pedals im not to familiar with, im still in the market for one, but I wanna get a new amp first... But im looking into the tubescreamers or maybe a Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive, ive heard good things about it and its got overdrive and distortion.

and I wouldnt recommend a multi effects pedal unless your short on cash, or need to save as much space as possible... I love my analog pedals
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Yeh, dont listen about the dist suggestions^^

For a nice OD, you could go for the standard, tubescreamer

Maxon OD808 is probably the best choice, TB, creamist, closest to the originals, as with all TubeScreamers, watch for the mid-boost when activated, I like the idea of this, but its not everyones cup of tea.

The Jekyll & Hyde is also quite nice, diverse as well, nice range of tones available, the jekyll is a TS immitater, and a good one at that, pretty creamy (although maybe not as great as the actual TS) but still real nice, the hyde is a distortion, which is good for a distortion pedal, but a little thin on its own (IMO all distortion pedals are). J&H shines when both sides are turned on, sounds REAL nice, can get real thick and heavy, but not fake SS/digital, nice.

Fulltone OCD is another great OD pedal, but is different to Tubescreamer-esque pedals. Alot more crunchy open sorta sound. Not as mid-orientated as far as im aware.