ok im sure most people have seen this, but for those who havn't, heres the link. so anyway who the hell is the guy at the end. nobody i asked knows, so i thought someone in UG must know who Mr.Rogers is!

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being from pittsburgh it makes me very upset that you don't know mr rogers in all of his cardigan greatness

dude i'm from latrobe but live in pitt for college
i play drums and guitar :
Uhm, did you have a childhood? Haha, but yeah, just go look up videos on youtube or something (google him and you'll probably get 60 stories about him recently dying).
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He had a television show for children. I used to love that show. To bad he died.
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you dont know who Mr.Rogers is ?

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dude i'm from latrobe but live in pitt for college

Me too! Well, I'm not from Latrobe. But I'm from Pittsburgh and go to Pitt.