Hi, i need a bit of help. I've been playin guitar nearly 3 years now and i own a fender strat and a rikter? les paul. (if you've ever heard of rikter, could you let me know).

Normally, I use the Strat for blues, rock and clean stuff, and i use the rikter for hard rock and metal.

Anyway, im thinkin of selling the rikter and getting a new guitar for playing heavy stuff. I'm thinking of getting either a prs se custom, an esp ltd eclipse, or maybe instead of buying a new guitar, buy a seymour duncan hot rails pickup for my strat. Could you give me your opinion or what guitar you would recommend that's around the same price range($700-$1000)

Thanks a lot.
I wouldnt sell the Rikter. My Rikter Les Paul plays as well as the best LP I've played. Which model do you have?

For ultimate heavy rock guitar, I'd suggest the Steve Morse Signature musicman, but that's probably beyond your price range.
Greebo he posted about this stuff like 4 years ago.

i think he's set now.


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