has anyone got any idea about what bands may be playing it and also what the prices will be for the weekend (bit of a noob)?

cheers in advance!
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tikets are on presale at £145 i think


any ideas for bands?
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any ideas for bands?

no idea man sorry, hopefully it'll be good ones, ill probably be getting my ticket at the end of the week soemtime when my mum gets paid lol
The Offspring
Metallica but they will probably play download

Just think of bands who are scheduled to release albums late 2007 and early/mid 2008
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no point guesing bands that will be playing yet as there wil be bands changing and pulling out upto a month before the event anyway trust me
I have a feeling the Foo Fighters might play. Their album's due in a couple of weeks.
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Feeder have an album due mid-2008 so hopefully them. Tickets will be about £145, then add an extra £30 or so for travel. The whole weekend pretty much costs £300ish with food and alcohol and tents and ****
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I have a feeling the Foo Fighters might play. Their album's due in a couple of weeks.

Foo Fighters rumoured for download I had heard.
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Foo Fighters rumoured for download I had heard.

No the main man said he would like to get Foo Fighters but it aint confirmed
Manchester United
Who cares about the bands it is worth it anyway! Besides the best bands are usually the lesser know ones.
Where can I pre-order tickets ?

I really wanna go next year
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The Main Stage this year was really pretty rubbish, generally speaking lots of the bands played rubbish or the bands are just rubbish, the tents were alot more fun, and the usual festival banter was good too. It's worth going to just for the atmosphere and other random crap that happens at a festival, so just buy the ticket regardless of whos on the bill.

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