listening now, awesome riffs so far, i see your influenced by the like of megadeth and such awesome (looks at username) I like the production value on this. This drums are very low in the mix, and boring. The solo that starts at about 1 54 is awesome. The one riff around 2 40 reminds me of blackened by metallica just a little too much. Good stuff though man nice riffs and leads, i guess you guys are using a drum machine, but the drums need a little more work. Im listening to retaliation right now, cause it has the most listens good stuff man im diggin it.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=670374 Crit mine??? Its not metal whatsoever, jsut a warning before you listen. If you want any sort of metal, you can listen to uxmal collapse on my page.
u need to turn drums up. some cool riffage. very metal. all it needs is vocals. i love yout tone, just great, very professional. awesome solo. i say everything is perfect except the drums. keep it up, got some good work here. crit mine,
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